Robert spelar in Remember me - artikel

Around 8:30 a.m. today, Robert Pattinson, the outrageously attractive star of the Twilight series of films, began shooting his new film Remember Me in downtown Manhattan. And all under the loving gaze of a platoon of photographers and dozens of adoring female fans from nearby New York University.

Before the throng of admirers showed up, Robert, dressed in a flannel shirt over a cotton white tee, jeans, black sneakers and carrying a black backpack, Rob ate breakfast outside with some of the cast during morning walkthroughs.

"He was breakdancing and joking around," one R-Patts spotter tells OK!.

"When lots of people did show up, Rob tried to act unfazed, standing behind some extras and laughing with his male co-stars and a few extras." The sheer number of looky-loos has made shooting the film difficult for the small crew. "The PAs [Production Assistants] are having trouble moving people out of the shot," one source explains to OK!.

In the scene being shot this morning, Rob walks with a male friend around the corner of a building talking while carrying a coffee and chewing on a straw, which he had been doing during most of the morning. "The scene is about two friends who are talking about everyday life," one production source reveals to OK!.

"It's a romantic drama. Filming's going great so far. Robert's really at ease. He's handling it all really well."

Källa. [via twitter]


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