Fan made!

Kommer ni ihåg att jag för ett bra tag sedan la upp "New Moon" ur Edwards perspektiv som dock är fan made.
Jag la då upp första kapitlet så nu tänkte jag att ni skulle få läsa det andra.
Har du inte läst det första så gör det här!

Romeo and Juliet

We walked into her small home and I braced myself for the onslaught of Bella’s scent waiting for me. Everything smelled like her in this house. Bella bustled around getting Romeo and Juliet ready. I pulled her onto my lap and covered her with a blanket. Hopefully, she wouldn’t freeze to death.

“You know, I’ve never had much patience with Romeo,” I said. He was an arrogant fool who only thought of himself.

“What’s wrong with Romeo?” She asked, sounding offended. But why? I gritted my teeth in frustration. If only I knew what she was thinking…

“Well first of all, he’s in love with this Rosaline,” I began. Ugh. Rosaline sounded like Rosalie and how Emmett of all people, or vampires, could fall in love with her was beyond me. “Don’t you think it makes him seem a little fickle? And then, a few minutes after their wedding, he kills Juliet’s cousin. That’s not very brilliant. Mistake after mistake. Could he have destroyed his own happiness any more thoroughly?” Throughout my little rant, Bella seemed to be getting more and more exasperated with my point of view.

She sighed, gesturing at the television, “Do you want me to watch this alone?”

“No, I’ll mostly be watching you, anyway.” I traced tiny hearts on her skin, raising goose bumps. “Will you cry?” I was curious. Did this pathetic excuse for a movie really move her to tears?

“Probably,” she said slowly, “If I’m paying attention.”

“I guess I won’t distract you then,” I murmured, kissing the top of her head and inhaling the strawberry scent. When Juliet awoke, Bella did cry, which amused me greatly. So emotionally unstable.

“I’ll admit, I do sort of envy him here,” I whispered, drying her tears.

“She’s very pretty,” she said a little jealously.

Juliet? Pretty? Not compared to the radiance sitting right beside me. “I don’t envy him for the girl – just the ease of suicide. You humans have it so easy. All you have to do is throw down one tiny vial of plant extracts…” I trailed off, looking at her horrified expression.

“What?” she managed to gasp out. What a curious reaction. I was expecting a nod of agreement, maybe a chuckle of some sorts.

I tried to explain further. “It’s something I had to think about once, and I knew from Carlisle’s experience that it wouldn’t be simple.” I continued explaining although I could see she was still stuck on the “something I had to think about once” part of my explanation. I could see the question in her eyes before she even began to speak.

“What,” she said hoarsely, “are you talking about? What do you mean, this something you had to think about once?”

“Last spring, when you were nearly killed,” I stopped, struggling to contain the rage that wanted to explode within me. James. The James that I had ripped to shreds and thrown into a fire. He nearly killed the center of my entire universe. I took a deep, soothing breath, which was a mistake with Bella sitting on my lap, and continued, “Of course I was trying to focus on finding you alive, but part of my mind was making contingency plans. Like I said, it’s not as easy for me as it is for a human.” Bella unthinkingly began to stroke the horrible scar on her otherwise flawless, creamy skin.

She shook her head, as if clearing her mind, and asked me, “Contingency plans?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to live without you,” I told her, stating the obvious. “But I wasn’t sure how to do it. I knew Emmett and Jasper would never help… so I was thinking of going to the Volturi.”

With barely contained fury in her voice, she shrieked, “What is a Volturi?

“The Volturi are a family,” I explained, thinking of the magnificent, old family, “A very old powerful family of out kind. They are the closest thing out world has to a royal family, I suppose. Do you remember Carlisle’s story?”

“Of course I remember.”

“Anyway, you don’t irritate the Volturi. Not unless you want to die, or whatever it is we do.”

She looked shocked. And horrified. And angry. And upset. She took my face in her hands and held on as hard as she could, though I could easily break her hold. “You must never, never, never think of anything like that again! No matter what might happen to me, you are not allowed to hurt yourself!” She looked like she was going to cry again.

“I’ll never put you in danger again, so it’s a moot point.”

She was getting angrier and angrier with my calm responses. “Put me in danger? I thought we’d established that all the bad luck is my fault!” And somehow, more hysterical. “How dare you even think like that?” She sounded like the dim, human memories of my mother.

“What would you do, if the situation was reversed?” I shot back.

“That’s not the same thing,” she told me, rolling her eyes.

I laughed.

“What if something did happen to you?” Her beautiful eyes filled with unshed tears. Then she turned sarcastic. “Would you want me to go… go off myself?”

A stab of pain close to my heart. Bella killing herself? Because I died, or went to hell as I believed?

“I guess I see your point… a little,” I admitted slowly. “But what would I do without you?” What indeed? I would just curl up in a ball and, if I was lucky, starve myself to death.

“Whatever you were doing before I came along and complicated your existence.” She said. She made it sound too easy. If not for my vampire memory, I probably wouldn’t have remembered what I was doing before I met Bella.

“You make it sound so easy.”

“It should be. I’m not really that interesting.” Not interesting? Bella? Those three words couldn’t be used in the same sentence. She never saw herself clearly.

“Moot point,” I reminded her. Suddenly, I heard the distant sound of Charlie’s police cruiser. I took Bella off my lap.

“Charlie?” She guessed, immediately understanding. She reached out and took my hand. I smiled.

“Do you mind if I borrow Bella for the evening?” I asked Charlie, after he offered us pizza. The disgusting scent was almost as overpowering as Bella’s freesia. Bella looked at Charlie with a ghost of hope in her eyes. Did she honestly think that’s all it would take to stop me? Either way, there was a game on tonight and Charlie was eager to watch. We drove off to the party where I was sure Alice had been ready for hours. The party started normally enough, or as normal as vampires could be. Alice had, of course, decorated the house with crystal bowls filled with roses. The overall effect was really lovely. Emmett installed Bella’s stereo so she couldn’t return it. Then, as she started to open the wrapping with my gift in it, she got a cut. A cut. A cut that changed the next six months of my eternity.

“Shoot,” she mumbled under her breath.

But I wasn’t paying attention to her, for the first time since I had met her. I was listening to the suddenly very loud thoughts of my family.

Crap! Why now? Emmett lamented while holding his breath.

Typical Bella! She always ruins everything! Not that there was anything to ruin… Rosalie silently fumed in her head.

Poor Bella. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much… Esme was wondering.

Oh, my. This is going to be very, very bad. Luckily, Carlisle was as calm as usual.

Only Alice wasn’t thinking of Bella. I saw a horrible image flicker in her mind. EDWARD, stop him! Now! Now! GO!

I almost froze when I heard what Jasper was thinking. His mind was completely blank. His entire being was focused on the tiny drop of blood trickling down Bella’s finger.

“NO!” I yelled throwing myself at Bella in one long bound. She didn’t even scream. She landed on the shattered crystal plates, the blood pouring out of the hideous gash in her arm. I couldn’t think of it. Not now. Bella needed me. I immediately crashed into Jasper and quickly locked his arms behind his back. He was acting like an animal, acting exactly as I had tried not to for almost 90 years. And as I threw Jasper to Emmett, I saw a vision in Alice’s mind. It involved indescribable pain for everyone involved. I was leaving, I was sure of it this time. I would never hurt Bella again.

Vill du läsa hela?
Gör det här!

Vad säger ni om det andra fan gjorda kapitlet?

Postat av: Sarah


Jag vet att 'typ' halva Midnight sun är skriven, men går det att läsa någonstans ?

eller är allt bara fan made ? :)

2009-06-30 @ 12:01:02
Postat av: BECKA ♡

Vad heter texten i headern? :D

2009-06-30 @ 12:49:29
Postat av: mikaela

Det var hur bra som helst! Jag läste hela "boken" imorse:D

2009-06-30 @ 13:12:09
Postat av: issa

tycker det var jättebra, kul att läsa och att någon har fortsatt hur han känner & tycker även fast det bara är fan-made. ;p

2009-06-30 @ 13:36:42
Postat av: Emms

Härre jäklar vad bra det ändå var som hon har skrivit, synd bara att hon inte gjorde slutet, man blev helt i chock då man läste det, hoppas att hon fortsätter sedan!

2009-06-30 @ 17:16:14
Postat av: Anonym

Det där är väl New moon från Edwards perspektiv? :O

2009-06-30 @ 17:26:17
Postat av: Matilda

menar du inte att du la upp första kapitlet av new moon? ^o)

2009-06-30 @ 18:59:07
Postat av: Diana

Det var ju faktiskt riktigt bra^^ :D

2009-07-01 @ 12:15:39
Postat av: Lotta

Det var riktigt bra! Jag ska nog ta och läsa hela "boken"! haha :D

2009-07-03 @ 23:47:40

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