Intervju med Ashley Greene.

En intervju där Ashley pratar om allt från smink till hennes kändis crush!
Jag gillade den verkligen, så jag tycker ni ska ta er tid och läsa den. För er som inte kan engelska, översätt den med google translate! :) Förlåt, men det tar väldigt mycket tid att översätta sånna här långa intervjuer, jag hoppas att ni förstår.

What is your daily beauty regimen?
Ashley: I started using BORBA products... they're amazing and leave my face glowing. My daily regimen usually consists of the BORBA: Age Defying Micro Diamond Cleanser, Elastin Fiber Concentrate, HD Illuminating light effects serum, Orbital Eye Rejuvenator and the Age Defying Advanced Recovery Cream. To get eye makeup off, I use the Lancome remover. I also use the MAC wipes to get all the makeup off before my regimen. And of course sunscreen...usually Kiehl's or Dermalogica. Dermalogica also has a really great "special clearing booster" for spot treatment on blemishes.  
Is your regimen any different when you're filming?
It's a little more involved on set with hot towel treatments and Demalogica pre-cleanse to get all that white makeup off. We use a lot Dermalogica products...I love the Microfoliant! 
Do you like to wear makeup when not filming, or do you prefer to go natural?
I don't really wear foundation...I prefer tinted moisturizer if anything. Usually after the Borba process I don't need it  - my skin is in pretty healthy shape. It's usually Mascara, concealer and lip gloss. 
You recently cut your hair (and it looks great!). Was it for your role as "Alice", or something you wanted to do for yourself? Do you prefer it shorter or longer?
Thanks! I cut it to make my hair fit under the Alice wig properly. I didn't have to go quite so short but I figured it's the only time I would EVER do it. I'm a long hair girl... I've had long hair my whole life. It's cute short, but I'll grow it back out.
In your opinion, what makes someone beautiful?
I think a lot of what makes someone beautiful is how a person presents themselves. I was talking to someone the other day about how I find French woman so beautiful... it's something they possess inherently. I feel like when someone has a zest for life they come off vibrant and beautiful. 
What are your favorite beauty products?
BORBA (all of which I mentioned) and Dermalogica. I love Matrix sleek products for my hair - they work very well for me. Rose bud lip gloss is the best. YSL has a great illuminating concealer. Shiseido you can't go wrong with either... their tinted moisturizer is great. I also just found this amazing line in Europe called "Becca;" their stuff is amazing... I have to stock up when I go back because it isn't sold in the US!
Who is your beauty icon?
Audrey Hepburn is classically beautiful. 
Did you always want to get into acting? If you weren't acting what would you want to be doing?
I caught the acting bug when I was about 15. I was interested in a lot of things growing up... Law, Sociology, and Psychology mainly. I always loved doing make-up as well.
You hosted the DonateMyDress prom-dress drive, which looked like an amazing event! How was that experience?
It was amazing. Nothing can top that feeling of helping someone else out and seeing their joy. To see first-hand how you can give so much to someone by doing so little is incredible. 
Do you ever have mornings where you wake up and just don't feel beautiful? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
Um, yeah, all the time! No one is perfect, everyone has their insecurities. The gym helps a bit :) Usually getting out in the fresh air helps you focus on everything around you and not so much on yourself.
When you're not portraying a character, what are your everyday outfits? Are you more of a casual, sweatpants, jeans and t-shirt girl, or do you like to dress up?
I LOVE dressing up on red carpets but in everyday life I am a very Florida-casual, jeans, tee's and flipflops girl. I have so many sweats I don't know where to put them all... I love them!

 What is playing on your ipod right now?
Jason Mraz and Kings of Leon. Oh and always Lady GaGa at the gym!
What is something about you that someone would never guess just from meeting you?
I'm a romantic...but only when I find the right person. Otherwise, I'm like a dude in a relationship.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years (if you're even thinking that far down the line)?
I don't. I can't. I've got so much going on right now... my life is kind of a whirlwind at the moment.
What were you like in high school?
I was just ready to get out.....I like learning, but I get bored easily. I was very social, very involved  very independent. I had a lot going on.
Who is your celebrity crush?
Hmmm......Love everyone from Kings of Leon....I've got a crush on the band as a whole. I maaaay have a crush on LiL Wayne and I'm pretty sure I've got a crush on Jackson Rathbone too.
Lip Gloss or Lip Stain?
Gloss... and Chapstick.
Heels or Flats?

Depends.... Almost ALWAYS flat during the day.



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Vill att hon och Jackson ska bli tillsammans ;) (En liten crush har hon ju)

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