Nyheter om Montepulciano

Det börjar verkligen märkas nu att inspelningarna i Italien snart ska börja, man har målat fontänen och flaggor har satts upp. Staden är redo för St. Marcus day!

Info och bilder från Twilighters anonymous;

Twilighters Italia has more breaking news from Montepulciano for us today. The red flags have been delivered to the filming site and the fountain has been painted. The city is ready for St. Marcus day!

Twilighters Italia has this to say:

“They’re preparing for Saint Marcus day! Today a pickup loaded with red flags and ensigns was spotted in the main square, piazza grande. A few hours later all over the front of the city hall there were those flags pinned. Meanwhile the fountain is now almost finished and today it was painted with waterproof so now it seems a little more whitish!”

(Thanks TheRaVen and Ana!)



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